Louth Search Dogs evolved from an idea thought of at a local dog training club way back in 1996.

Louth Search Dogs was formed to provide a free, voluntary, passive searching service to the community of Lincolnshire, to back up the Police when searching for missing persons.


A Police Dog Handler had come along to assess dogs for the Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog award scheme. He had an idea to develop a passive search dog team for Lincolnshire to help the Police search for missing persons, as police dogs are very good at locating people but not so friendly when they find them! From his initial visit it was clear there was a lot of interest, so it was decided to pursue the idea further.

People have come and gone for various reasons but the group we are today is a core of dedicated individuals who voluntarily give up their free time, day or night, 365 days a year, in any climate, to search for missing persons.

We have a variety of breeds and crosses working in our team. The breed is not as relevant as the dog’s ability, although we do feel the working breeds are generally more motivated and have more stamina.

Louth Search Dogs
Working with Lincolnshire Police